CTE Entrepreneurship Project


How We Started


The CTE Entrepreneurship project began in 2012-2013 with modest support from Perkins funds. The goal was to establish a collaboration among our entrepreneurship/business faculty and CTE faculty that would begin a process of adding entrepreneurship instruction into CTE courses and programs. The document linked below shows the invitation sent to CTE programs to participate in the effort.


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During the first two years of the project, five modules, each consisting of approximately three hours of entrepreneurship instruction specific to CTE programs, were constructed by CTE faculty. You will find the modules in the "Modules and Courses" link in this site. The CTE areas developing these modules were:

• Culinary Arts
• Music
• Journalism
• Adaptive Kinesiology
• Fashion/Textiles

During Fall of 2014, support was provided by the California Initiative, "Doing What Matters," to continue our CTE/Entrepreneurship collaborations and extend our work to the development of one-unit courses. Participating programs have completed drafts of the courses and will be finalizing them in January, 2015. The participating programs are:

• Culinary Arts
• Automotive Technologies
• Fashion/Textiles
• Adaptive Kinesiology

In addition, the following programs are now preparing their courses:

• Music
• Horticulture
• Human Services
• Photography

• Graphic Arts


The Team


Business and Entrepreneurship

Barbara Cox
Rebecca Knapp
Scott Fredrickson

Career/Technical Education

Vincent Pollizzi, Automotive Technologies
Lindsay Fox, Fashion/Textiles
Lisa Inlow, Culinary Arts
Ariel Alexander, Music
A. Aguilar, Journalism
Mike Bennett, Adaptive Kinesiology
Ken Lee, Horticulture
Robert Farnsworth, Horticulture


Instructional Design

(Click here for a "generic" course plan for a contextualized entrepreneurship course)

One Unit Courses

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Adaptive Kinesiology

Mike Bennett


Auto Technology

Vincent Pollizzi


Culinary Arts

Lisa Inlow



Lindsay Fox

Three-Hour Instructional Modules

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Culinary Arts

Lisa Inlow



Lindsay Fox

Professional Development


Spring 2014

The CTE/Entrepreneurship collaborators met for a day off-campus. CTE faculty were asked to educate entrepreneurship faculty and each other about their industries. Information they shared included
• New trends and emerging businesses in their industry
• Description of businesses established in our region
• Opportunities for businesses in our region
• Obstacles and Solutions
• How their programs are addressing industry changes

Spring 2015 In-Service

A one-hour session was held January 12 during in-service week. The four builders of the one-unit courses discussed their work and experience developing the courses with CTE and other instructors.


NACCE 2014

During the NACCE Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, several members of our CTE Entrepreneurship team, along with our dean, Anthony Teng, our president, Tod Burnett, and our DSN, Maricela Sandoval, provided information on the process we used to engage our CTE faculty and describe their participation. The word is spreading ...




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