Community Events


We are planning many events. They include:
Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
Weekend Startup Veteran Entrepreneurs Training Series
Kickstarter for Saddleback College Auto Tech Competition
Organization of a Board of Advisors

More information to come.


Auto Technology Kickstarter Project

The Saddleback College Automotive Technology Department will be working with Business Science Students to develop a Kickstarter project to raise funds for the 2014 Energy Invitational. This event will feature high school, community college, and university teams competing to develop a vehicle that can travel the farthest on one gallon of fuel. Assistant Professor Vince Pollizzi from Auto Technology and Dr. Scott Fredrickson from Business Science will head this project along with a group of auto technology and business science students.

Auto Team
Prof. Taylor Brooks, Matthew Whittaker, Matt Pappas, Prof. Vincent Pollizzi,
Chris Guzman, Dr. Scott Fredrickson, and James Kelly




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