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Dr. Scott Fredrickson

Professor of Entrepreneurship and coordinates the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Center


Dr. Fredrickson coordinates the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Learning Center and has more than 40 years experience in higher education, the music industry, and as an entrepreneur. He holds degrees in music education from Cal-State University Fullerton; business administration from Pepperdine University; and jazz pedagogy and music business administration from University of Northern Colorado.

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Dr. Barbara Cox

Tenured full-time faculty and Chair of the Business Department


Dr. Barbara Cox is a native Californian. She is tenured full-time faculty and Chair of the Business Department.
Ph.D. Education and psychology. Stanford University. 1983.
Emphasis on learning and teaching; curriculum design; effective instruction; learner behaviors; also market research; consumer behaviors; advertising. (click here for more info)




Professor Rebecca Knapp

Associate Professor of Business


Rebecca Knapp is a full-time business professor here at Saddleback College. Backed by over 15 years of real-world marketing, public relations and corporate consulting experience, she has quickly become the resident expert on all things marketing related. An entrepreneur in her own rite, Rebecca has launched a number of small businesses, securing them on the map using emerging social media, network marketing and communication strategies otherwise untapped by their competitors. Rebecca’s passion is to empower students to develop the skills and strategies necessary to position themselves at the head of the pack in today’s competitive professional marketplace. (click here for more info) 






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