NACCE Conference Information


The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship annual conference was convened in Phoenix October 12 – 15, 2014.

Saddleback College held two panel discussions during the conference, one on “infusing” Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs with entrepreneurship and one on social entrepreneurship. Attendance was very strong and the evaluations indicated that attendees were pleased with their


Participating on the panels were Saddleback President Dr. Tod Burnett, Dean Business Science and

EWD Anthony Teng, Business Department Chair and Faculty, Dr. Barbara Cox, Entrepreneurship Faculty Dr. Scott Fredrickson, CTE Culinary Arts Chair and Faculty Lisa Inlow, Accounting Department Chair

and Faculty Don Bowman, and State Deputy Sector Navigator Maricela Sandoval.

The PowerPoint slides used to introduce each panel are linked below. Also, the proposals that were submitted to NACCE describing the panels and handouts are linked.

If you would like more information about these presentations, are interested in a Webinar or presentation for your school, or want more information on the topics, please email Barbara Cox at


Orange County Social Entrepreneurship Competition

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CTE Entrepreneurship Infusion

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